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EkoID; is the common user name used to access to Online IT services. You will be given an EkoID Login Key form by Human Resources Directorate to activate your EkoID account. You can activate your EkoID account by using this form.

For detailed information about EkoID project CLICK HERE

How to activate EkoID:

1 – Log on the EkoId website (
2 – Click on Create EkoID Account Academic/Administrative button

3 – Enter the Login Key in your EkoID form in the space provided.

4 – Enter your Turkish Identity Number in the space provided, (Users without Turkish Identity Numbers need to use their Passport Number.)
5 – Check your personal information on the next screen and fill in all the required information.
6 – Finally, check the policy for account use. You can create your EkoID account by clicking on “I agree, create my account” button.

IMPORTANT NOTE:EkoID is not your OASIS (Student Information System) user name.

A different user name and password are necessary to log into the OASIS system. In order to get detailed information about OASIS

Frequently Asked Questions:

Your EkoID form is delivered to you by Human Resources Directorate during your registration proceedings. If you do not get your EkoID form or lose it, you can get it by applying to Help Desk office in person.

You can get it by applying in person to Help Desk Office with your Staff Identity Card.

No. The two systems are completely independent from each other. For OASIS issues you need to contact Management Information System Directorate.

EkoID is the common user name to access online IT services offered to Izmir University of Economics staff. With EkoID you can access your e-mail account, personal web space, announcement system, printer system and many other online IT services.

No. You need to apply in person.

Click here to access webmail.