PER Central Disk Space-


Central Disc System (FileServer)
With Central Disk System (MDS) service, it is aimed to archive institutional data, prepared by academic and administrative units, within the scope of institutional memory and to provide maximum protection for these data against environmental problems like hardware problems, stealing, deformation and vandalism.
MDS (FileServer) is structured with updated and secured systems in terms of line and hardware redundancy in order to decrease hardware problems and to provide maximum performance and system durability.

Like in all IT Services provided by IT Directorate, all academic and administrative staff can benefit from MDS (FileServer) service integrated with OpenLdap system with their EkoIDs and passwords within the scope of single sign on policy by using their own computers defined in administrative and academic network in the campus.

In Fileserver system, there are four main sharing types.

Directorate / Dean Sharing: In line with their active posts in the university, users can access authorized areas in related Directorate / Dean Sharing (Director, Chief, Common, Dean, Vice Dean, Head of Department, etc.). The data in Directorate / Dean sharing are regularly backed up in the name of protecting institutional memory.

Home Sharing: This area is exclusive to academic staff, logged in only with their EkoID and password, can access this area with full authority. The data in this area are protected on MDS but they are not backed up within the scope of institutional memory because of including personal data.

Public Sharing: Public Sharing allows instant data sharing and it can be accessed by academic and administrative staff in the campus. Each user, logged in the system with their EkoID and password, has full authority in this area (reading, writing, deleting, running files/directories). In order to enable efficient usage of the area and instant data sharing, the content of the area is automatically deleted at 23:59 on every Sunday.

Toolbox Sharing: Toolbox Sharing includes tools which allow users to run basic actions (log out, map, unmap, etc.) related with MDS (Fileserver) and it is exclusive to every user. Users have the right to run only the tools in this sharing.

With MDS (FileServer) system, in the name of protecting institutional memory, it is important to keep the institutional data, determined by users, as updated in appropriate authority sharing. IT Directorate is not responsible from any institutional data losses caused by user computer problems (hardware,software,user based etc.).

IT Directorate is responsible from regularly backing up the data defined as institutional data and kept as updated in Directorate / Dean Sharing within the appropriate authority on MDS, and protecting the data in this area as long as they are not deleted.
With MDS, you can start to increase your contribution in protecting institutional memory and to back up institutional data.

You can access Central Disk System presentations from here.