1. Bring the device you want to register to Help Desk office.
2. Give your device to Help Desk staff together with your Staff ID Card.
3. Get the “Internet Activation Form” given to you approved.
4. Hand in the approved form to Help Desk staff.

Once the form is turned in, Internet Access will be activated. Afterwards, you can have Internet access through “Ekonet-Staff.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: SecureW2 must be installed in the computers with the operating systems before Windows 8. Also certificate must be installed in Apple products. You can access the necessary programs from DOWNLOAD page.

If your laptop had been previously activated for the Internet, activation does not have to be renewed. You can have Internet access through Ekonet-Staff wireless network.

For Ekonet-Staff connection TTLS certificate must be installed.

Yes, you need to bring your personal device and staff ID card to Help Desk office and fill out an Internet Access form.

Make sure your laptop computer’s DNS settings are adjusted automatically.


Your EkoID form is given during your registration procedure by the Human Resource Directorate. If you could not obtain your EkoID form or lose it, you can get a new one from our Help Desk Office.

You can apply in person to our Help Desk Office with your Staff ID Card to get a new password.

No. EkoID and OASIS systems work independent from one another. For OASIS operations, you need to contact the IT Directorate.

EkoID is the name given to shared username used to access online IT services provided to Izmir University of Economics staff. With EkoID, you can access our university e-mail accounts, personal web spaces, announcement system, printer printout system and many online IT services using only one username and password.

No. You must apply in person.


For all kinds of problems, contact Help Desk Office located in the campus by e-mail ( If this is not possible, you can apply in person to report the failure. The authorized staff at Help Desk will help you in identifying and fixing the problem. The user is responsible to backup any data that may be lost during the repair process.

In the event of the damage caused by user errors such as dropping, rough handling of the product, liquid damage or bios password change, the user should apply to Help Desk within two days and fill out a form explaining the incident that caused the problem. The repair process is carried out based on the information provided on the form. Any cost for damages caused by user error is paid by the user.

The warranty period for the laptops given to you by the university is 3 years from the date of delivery. Warranty period for the battery is 2 years or 200 full charges.

– Damages caused by mishandling, dropping or misuse (breaks, scratches, etc.)
– Damages due to technical modifications done by unauthorized people
– Damages due to liquid spills
– Forgotten passwords which render the product unusable
– Damages and losses due to computer virus attacks
– Specifying “BIOS” and “DISK” passwords

The laptop to be returned should be in working condition. All additional accessories given with the laptop (carrying case, battery, adapter, network cable) should be returned in good condition. Any repair cost for damages found in the technical check will be collected from the user.

The product purchased is a used one, so no warranty and technical support service is provided by the Help Desk. You can get your laptop serviced at an authorized technical service.


Yes. Our university is a member of “Autodesk Student Community Programme” You can easily get a account for free use Autocad software.
For more information Click Here

DreamSpark is a Microsoft Program that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes

To use this service you have get a account.

click here for a free account.

You can download free Trend Antivirus Application.

To download the software Click Here

Office 365 is a new office service with continuously updated and full featured desktop versions that can be installed from anywhere and activated online. It allows users to install more than one computer and tool, and offers features as web conferencing, One Drive additional online storage area, and integrated cloud based usage.

With Office 365, you will always have access to the latest version of Office applications. Office 365 users always receive the latest Office applications. You will receive a notification informing you about updating your software with the latest version when Office releases the latest version.

Office 365 enables you to have access to e-mail, personal calendar, online document management and organization, instant messaging with mobile and desktop equipment through internet and benefit from all the services completely.

You can easily have Access to, organize, save the Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote) in cloud with Office 365, and work on the same document with your teammates and use instant messaging and conferencing features.

Office365 should not be confused with Office; Office is a productivity software that can be installed on your desktop or laptop computer. It is sold as a package, monthly or annual subscriptions are not available. Office packages generally include applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, and Outlook. All new Office packages include the latest versions of these applications. These packages can be installed only on one pc and does not work integrated in any cloud based service in Office 365.

What makes Office 365 different from existing Office versions is that it can be activated through internet, can be installed on more than one equipment virtually from anywhere, anytime, and its cloud based integration and it can be installed on your computer as a separate application.

Office 365 can operate with the Office already installed on your computer. Users of Office 2007, Office 2010, and Office 2013 can run documents created with Office 365 without having to do anything extra.

Office 365 is compatible and can work with Office 2007 and its newer versions. It Works best with Office 2010 and 2011 for Mac. Since Office 2007 and Office 2008 for Mac operate on less limited functions, it is not wise to install Office 365 on these systems.

If you are using older versions of Office and wish to use with Office 365, you need to switch to a newer version of Office.

Instead of installing Office 365 on standalone Office installed computers, it is best to install it on a computer without any Office applications or Office licenses, and if you have more than one computer or equipment, you should use it on your tablet, mobile phone in order to avoid any licensing issues.
With your existing Office 365, you can make up to 5 installations the most.


You need to inform Human Resources Directorate that you lost your card and apply for a new card.

Contact Help Desk with your Eko Card and get it checked.

You can use your staff identity card to enter and exit the campus and the parking garage, and to eat at cafeterias at the university.

Note: Free meal is a service provided only for full-time academic and administrative staff.


Every staff member in our university has a web space, which can be accessed online and reserved for personal use. Your web space is a domain reserved in the server where your files are stored for you to publish your web page online. Default quota for your web space is 300MBs.

Default address to access your web space is (Example: To access this space you have to use your EkoID information. For more information on use of personal web space CLICK HERE.

Contact Help Desk to check your web space activation status.

You need your Eko ID password to use your web space. If you don’t know or forgot your EkoID password, you can get it by applying to Help Desk with your staff ID.

At our university, there is a database space reserved for every staff member and accessible online. To activate database space all you need to do is to send an e-mail request to


Yes. The Internet access of your laptop has to be activated for you to use this service. For this process, apply to our Help Desk office. Your laptop will be registered, and the required software will be installed, specifying the closest printer to your office


Yes, access to our university library databases is now possible. You can find required settings to use this service on the IT directorate website ( in “Access of Library Database out of Campus” file under the Documents section or by clicking the following link:

You have to change your DNS settings automatically in your hardware.

To use the service you have to log in by using your EkoID.

You can, once you change the settings specified in the “Access of Library Database off Campus” support document under the Documents page. kullanabilirsiniz.


You need to use your EkoID in order to log into the system.

Choose ‘All Documents’ in the Search Document menu. You can also click on the Show All tab to see all the documents you are looking for.

Unless you specify a criterion, the documents processed within the last 7 days are listed. If you specify one or more than one criteria, the documents processed within one month are listed. You can also use the time-period feature to search between specific time periods.

At first login, DYS staff enters your user identity information into the DYS system. You can start using the DYS system after your next login.


For Example : 0 212

You have to include the country code before the number.

For example : 00356xxx

Fax document you will send must be in “*.pdf” format. Transmissions sent in any other format will not reach its receiver.

A situation report regarding your fax transmission will be sent to your e-mail address after you send it.

Our institutional fax number is 279 26 26. Fax transmissions sent to your name will be forwarded to your e-mail address by documents clerk.


You can use Fileserver to backup, store and share data. You can secure the institutional data in your computer by copying them in this area.

Default capacity for file copy for each unit is 10 GB.

For security reasons off-campus access to fileserver is blocked off.

Units/Directorates could have different policies. To share the files with other Units or Directorates, you can use the Public folder in fileserver.

The files in the fileserver are deleted automatically at 23:59:59 every Sunday.

The files in common folder are stored unless the person who copied the files deletes them.


The default quota of your e-mail is 2 Gb

You can send a request to or to have your quota increased. Your request will be evaluated and if considered as appropriate, your quota will be increased.

You can use your e-mail account through any web based browser. If you wish, you can also use it with Thunderbird Mail application after you identify your account.

You can send a request to or to change your mail address.


The IT Directorate never demands your Identity number, telephone number, mail address, or mail password. Please disregard that kind of messages and not to give (reset) your password.