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In order to process the support services properly and systematically, all your Help & Support Requests through e-mail are put in order automatically and recorded within the framework of quality standards. This operation is supported by our OTRS (Open Ticket Request System) in which information about the day and time of your request, its content, and the amout of time it took to process your request are logged in.

The priority in support services is given to notices sent through e-mail and remote support service is provided depending on the nature of the problem. Since verbal requests are not recorded, the intervention might take time or could not be done at all. Therefore, it is very important that you submit your Help & Support Requests by mail so that it could be attended to properly and in a timely manner.

When necessary, our support services try to solve the problem through “Remote Support” in order to prevent loss of time.

When Remote Support service is not deemed necessary, we respond to your request in writing by e-mail. In our responses visual documentations are used when necessary in order to help users solve their problems.

In cases when remote support or written support do not lead to the solution of the problem, on-site support is provided depending on the availability of our technical staff.


1- For Remote Support Service CLIK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the related application to your computer.
(For Mac users CLIK HERE )

2- Run the application you downloaded.

3- Tell the ID and Password that appear on your screen to the technical support expert on the phone.