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Smart Campus marks a new period in education. We are taking Distance Learning System a step further by adding new technological features to it. We are putting a new education model project into effect. This model offers all our students a “blended education” which brings the different models of traditional and distance education together by using all kinds of technologies throughout their education.

You can now attend courses whenever you want at wherever you want and self-study by playing back and interacting with recorded lectures.

Smart Campus allows you to have access to all course materials and lecture notes in an order and systematically. You can play back the record lectures on your computer or mobile equipment, and create your own archive.

You can attend live online classes, ask questions, and participate.

Smart Campus removes all boundaries in education.

Blended education, in which hardware and application below are configured to work as integrated, lies behind the Smart Campus Project.

All hardware and software make up the “Smart Campus” as components of Smart Class applications

– Smart Class Equipment
– PANOPTO (Lecture Capture System)
– BLACKBOARD Learning Management System (LMS)